Scholarships/Financial Aid (FAFSA/CADA)

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FAFSA and CA Dream Act Applications OPEN IN December and Close March 2nd.  Make sure you are filling out the FALL 2024/2025 Application.  Complete your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application through your CCGI account.  Log in to CCGI at:

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Links are Active

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FAFSA/CADAA Updates for 2024/2025 application (Posted 11/7/2023)
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Good Afternoon Seniors and Parents of Seniors,

Completing a Financial Aid application is now a requirement for the high school diploma.  Seniors will need to complete the 2024/2025 application.  Some students will complete the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) Application and some students will complete the CA Dream Act Application (CADAA).  

Seniors can use their senior packet "green section" to determine which application they will need to complete.  There is also an information page in the senior packet that should be filled out with both the student and parent so they are ready to start their application.  

There are many new changes to both the FAFSA and CADAA so the state and federal government have not released an exact date when these applications will open.  The only time line for opening that we have is December.  The deadline to complete these applications will still be March 2, 2024.  

As soon as we are notified of the opening date, GHS Counselors will begin small group pull out sessions to help our seniors complete the student sections.  Parents will then need to complete their section so students can submit the application.  

In order to complete the FAFSA, both the student and "Contributor" (this will usually be a parent) will need to create an FSA account. (this is for the FAFSA only not the CADAA)  Students and Parents can create their FSA account NOW so it is ready to go as soon as the 2024/2025 FAFSA opens up.  I have provided a lesson module that will walk students and parents through the FSA process.  In addition, this module will also help students and parents gain a better understanding of what FAFSA is.  Included in this module is information on how students and parents can prepare to complete the CADAA.  Students, please take time to go through this lesson before our Financial Aid Pullouts begin.  Go to to create your FSA account and ID.   
**CCGI: Seniors will complete their FAFSA or CADAA through their CCGI account they created this school year during the counseling class presentations.  
              Obtain your FSA ID at   

**Scholarships: While we all wait for the FAFSA and CADAA to open, this is a great time for seniors to continue the work we started in the counseling class presentations on their scholarship portfolios.  Go to the GHS website, click on "Counseling", then on the right, scroll down to "Scholarships/Financial Aid", then on the left click on the bulleted item "Resume Resources."  Seniors can also go to the bulleted item "Posted Scholarships" to see the list of National Scholarships that have already been posted.  Local Scholarships will be posted here in March.