Four Year Academic Plan

two_ways_GHS_students_can_build_their_four-year_plan1._use_the_ACADEMIC_PLAN_in_their_aeries_account2._use_their_CCGI_academic_planner (Note:_AERIES_uses_student_academic_plans_to_schedule_classes)Two_items_are_needed_to_build_your_four-year_plan1._GHS_diploma_requirements 2._GHS_a-g_list_of_approved_courses_(UC_&_CSU) Card Icon
two ways GHS students can build their four-year plan
1. use the ACADEMIC PLAN in their aeries account
2. use their CCGI academic planner
(Note: AERIES uses student academic plans to schedule classes)
Two items are needed to build your four-year plan
1. GHS diploma requirements 
2. GHS a-g list of approved courses (UC & CSU)
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Adding courses to your academic plan

  1. Go to (you will need to google this.  DO NOT use the drop-down in bookmarks).
  2. Log into your Aeries Portal (Student Portal) account.
  3. Put your cursor over the toolbar (Classes) to verify this is you.
  4. Click on the Academic Plan option. (Students can build their four-year plan on their academic plan in Aeries)
  5. Click on Subject.
  6. Click on the course drop-down.             
  7. Select the course you want.     
    1. Note: Semester classes: Make sure you put both courses in your academic plan, for example, Economics (Fall term) and Government (Spring).
  8. Select Add to Plan.
  9. Select Grade level and term.
  10. Click Place the course.
  11. Repeat until your four-year plan is complete.
  12. If classes are correct, click Submit my plan for review at the top of the page.
 ***When completed with your Academic Plan, DO NOT FORGET to Submit my plan for review.

Deleting a course from your academic plan

  1. Hover over the course you want to delete
  2. Click on the red x

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How to Create an Aeries Portal Account
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If you have an e-mail account BUT DO NOT HAVE an aeries portal account you will need to create it first
At School:                     
  1. Log on to your e-mail from your chromebook (this can be a personal email or your school email).
  2. Minimize your e-mail.
  3. Open the school website at :
  4.  Click on Parent Portal.
  5. Click on Parent/Student box.
  6. Click on Create New Account.
  7. Click on student.
  8. Type in e-mail.
  9. Type in password (create a password).
  10. Maximize your e-mail and click on confirm e-mail (this may be in your spam or trash).
  11. Log back into Parent Portal.
  12. Put in student id #100…..
  13. Put in phone number that is in your AERIES demographics parent number. Your phone number must match what is in our school system.
  14. Put in Verification Code (see Mrs. Coats in counseling for this).       
Password_________________________   E-mail_____________________ Phone #___________________
                         (Write these down so you remember them) 
Id#_______________  Verification Code_________________________(see Mrs. Coats, counseling office)

Gridley_High_School_4-Year_Plan_Worksheet Card IconGridley High School 4-Year Plan WorksheetTop of Page

 Student Name:                                                   
 Four Year College Bound Students should work
 hard to fit in a 15 A-G courses by the end of 11th  grade
                                                                                    Grades   Credit
Grade 9 
Required Courses  Student Courses   S1   S2   S1   S2 
 Graduation, Future
 Goals Checklist
   English English 1          Post High School Goals:
   Science            Personality Type: 
   Physical Education   PE 9          Career Ideas:
   Health/Geography   Geography/AP Geography           Supporting Activities: (9- 12)
   Math             CTE Pathway
               TOTAL Credits to Date _______
Student Courses
S1 S2 S1 S2
Graduation, Future
Goals Checklist
   English English 2 or English 2 Honors          Post High School Goals: 
   History  World History          Personality Type: 
   Science            Career Ideas:
   Elective            ASVAB 
   Elective            CTE Pathway
               TOTAL Credits to Date _______
Grade 11 
Student Courses S1 S2 S1 S2
Graduation, Future
Goals Checklist
   English  English 3 or AP English Language          Post High School Goals:
   Math            Personality Type:
   History  US History / AP US History          Career Ideas:
   Elective            CTE Pathway 
               TOTAL Credits to Date _______
Grade 12
Student Courses S1 S2 S1 S2
Graduation, Future
Goals Checklist
   English English 4 0r AP Eng Lang or BC Eng 2          Post High School Goals: 
   Economics / American Government  Economics / American Government          Make Appointment with Counselor
   Math / Elective            CTE Pathway
   Science / Elective            
               TOTAL Credits to Date _______
STUDENT SIGNATURE _______________________________________   DATE___________
PARENT SIGNATURE _______________________________________   DATE___________

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Log in to your CCGI account at
From your student Dashboard click on ACADEMIC PLANNER