8th Grade Information

From Bullpup to Bulldog! and Mustang to Bulldog!
Each year in March or April, Gridley High School Counselors go over to the feeder middle schools and hold 8th-grade transition meetings. Parents and students are invited to a 2-hour informational meeting in which counselors present information about classes, GHS graduation requirements, College requirements, sports information, math placement information, and Career Technical Education academies. In addition, counselors work with students and their parents to complete their 9th-grade course requests in their academic plan (four-year plan).
Before these transition meetings, 8th graders will take a math placement exam. Placement exam results along with, 8th grade teacher recommendation, CAASPP testing results, and students' school grades will be used to determine an 8th graders placement into Math at GHS during the 9th grade year. 
The GHS counselors are excited and look forward to meeting and working with all of our incoming 8th graders and their parents. 
8th Grade Transition Meeting Schedule
  • Sycamore Middle School: March 26-28 2024 Location: Sycamore Middle School Library, 8:30a-3:00p (Students and parents will attend only one day)
  • Manzanita Middle School: March 22, 2024 Location: Manzanita Middle School Gymnasium, 1:30-3:00p.  All parents and students will attend this date and time. 
  • Parents will receive a letter in the mail about two weeks before the transition meeting indicating the time, date, and location of their student's meeting.
Course Catalogs for 9th Grade
  • Sycamore Students: Course Catalogs will be sent electronically via students' GHS EMAIL to the students/parents at least one week before the initial meetings so that students and parents can review the information before the counselor visits. 
  • Manzanita Students: Course catalogs will be emailed to parents one week before the initial meetings so that students and parents can review the information before the counselor visits. 
  • Manzanita students must follow the directions in the letter they received to help your student create their GHS High School portal account before the counselor visit on March 22nd  
  • Please note the incoming 9th grade course catalog is different than the GHS course catalog.
  • The GHS 9th Grade Course Catalog can also be viewed at the below link. 
  • Registration is now online and all parents will need to update registration information later this school year or before the start of the next school year. 
  • Out of District Students: Call the GHS counseling secretary, Cristina Coats at 530-846-4791 x 6070 to make an appointment for your student to take the Math Placement exam and get scheduled into one of the 8th-grade transition meeting dates. 

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Career research
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It is never too early to begin searching for a career. 
Once in high school, 9th-grade students will participate in an online program called California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) during their second semester to do career research and take personality assessments and interest inventories.
CCGI will also be used throughout the student's high school career including the senior year where GHS students will apply to CSUs, UCs, and Financial Aid.  
Parents can also create a parent CCGI account after their students create their student account to see how their students have been using CCGI

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To be ready to apply to a four-year college during your senior year of high school, students must complete all 15 of the "A-G" list of approved courses that are published and required by the University of California and California State University.  Students can also take Dual Enrollment courses at GHS to complete A-G courses.and supplant or enhance their college resume. Students MUST earn letter grades of C or better in these courses.  Colleges do not accept C-, D, or F letter grades. 
Dual Enrollment Classes are Butte College courses offered on our Gridley High School campus.  Students earn college units and high school credits by enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses at GHS
See the 2024/2025 9th Grade Course Catalog Link for the LIST of approved GHS A-G courses (page 6) and the Dual Enrollment courses offered at GHS (page 9).