Tutoring and Cyber High

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Tutoring at GHS
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After School Tutoring in ALL Core Subjects
Tutoring is available for Math after school for IM1a-IM3
Tutoring is available for ALL core subjects (English, Science, Social Studies and Math)
Days: Monday-Friday
Time: 3:06p-4:06p
Location: GHS Library and room 406 on specific days
Tutoring is recommended for students earning a C-, D or F in their core classes.
Cyber High 
Days: Monday-Friday
Times: During Lunch or After School
Location: GHS Counseling Office or Ms Romo: Room 406 during Lunch
Students must take tests with a Cyber HIgh Teacher or GHS counselor
All Work and Quizzes can be done from home.
See below (bullets( for detailed information regarding Cyber High
GHS counselors meet with each student in September and October who needs to remediate courses and counselors enroll students into Cyber High. 
 Cyber High is available for remediation during lunch, After School and Summer School
  • Students needing to make up classes (Remediate) can take their make up courses in the cyber high program offered duing lunch or after school
  • In order to do make up work through Cyber High, students are called in by their high school counselor and enrolled in the appropriate courses in Cyber High.
  • Once students are enrolled in Cyber High, they can begin working on their make up work. 
  • Because Cyber High is an online curriculum, students using Cyber High for remediation are not required to attend the lunch or after school sessions to complete assignments and quizzes, however, students must attend a lunch or after school seesion with the teacher/Counselor of record to take unit tests. 
  • To earn a credit in Cyber High, students must complete 60% of the unit work and pass all quizzes with a 60% then take and pass the unit exam.  
  • Students can use Cyber High from home to track their progress
  • Remediation must be completed by May 10th of each school year.  If remediation is not completed through Cyber High, students will be assigned to summer school.