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Time Line: On Going

Question:What do I need to include when I apply for a scholarship.

Answer: a list or table of activities both school and community that you have been involved in, any awards you have earned, at least two letters of recommendation, GPA, rank in school, a scholarship resume cover page, and an essay from the student that tells others something unique about them.See the 6 items needed located in the scholarship resume folder under scholarships on the Counseling web page

Question:How do I begin to put all of this together?

Answer: There are samples of each of the above listed items located in our scholarship folder.

Seniors can go to www.fastweb.com to create a profile in order to receive information about State and National scholarships.

As scholarships come available in the counseling office, we post them on the
Scholarship “Wall” located in the counseling office,on our Gridley High School web-site and students and parents can click on the scholarship folder to see all of the posted scholarships we have received here at Gridley High School.

Local Scholarships:

Time Line: March -April

We have a very generous community who offer opportunities for Gridley High School students to earn scholarships for college. These scholarships are available beginning in the middle of March and require an application, letter of recommendation and a transcript. As we get closer to March, details will be posted on the bulletin on the GHS web-page.Students should begin creating their scholarship resume's early.See the scholarship folder link to see sample scholarship resume's

NCAA Application

Students interested in playing a sport in college must be registered with the NCAA.A college recruiter is in violation if they speak to a student who is not registered and cleared with the NCAA.Register on-line at www.ncaaeligibilitycenter.org.Once you have registered, bring your code to your high school counselor so they can upload your high school transcript.Students who are planning on Playing at a Division 1 or Division 2 college are required to complete the NCAA on line application process.

College Applications:

Time Line: October 1-November 30

Seniors planning on attending a CSU can begin applying on-line October 1st at www.csumentor.edu. The deadline for the application to be submitted is November 30,.

Seniors planning on attending a UC can begin applying on-line November 1st. at www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply.The deadline for the application to be submitted is November 30.

Due to budget cuts colleges are encouraging students to apply EARLY. Do NOT wait until November 30th. Priority will be given to those who apply early who qualify.

(Currently NOT REQUIRED but RECOMMENDED if AVAILABLE) Take your SAT's and ACT's beginning at the end of your junior year.The last tests you can take for college admissons purposes is in November of your senior year.


Senior Class Visits: Each senior receives a packet of information that will help guide them through the admissions process for Community College, CSU’s or UC’s, College essays and personal statements, Financial Aide, SAT reasoning, SAT subject tests, ACT, Scholarship information, Preview days for colleges and campus visits and graduation requirements. Students also have the opportunity to sign up for the Butte College Reg-to-Go program. Students create a To-Do-List and students are given a color coded packet to share with their parents detailing all this information.The color coded packet of information can be viewed on this page.


REG TO GO for Butte College.November kicks off the start of three events for seniors planning on attending Butte College in the fall following their senior year.REG TO GO includes a pull outin which the GHS counselors meet with the seniors who have indicated in their senior class visit, an interest in attending Butte College.This initial pull out is the time where seniors will receive a step by step guide to the REG TO GO process and students will use Chrome Books in this meeting to fill out and submit their Butte College Applications.

March:REG TO GO participants will take their Butte College placement exam on our campus

April: GHS high school counselors will take the REG TO GO students on their field trip/Freshman orientation to Butte College.Students will start creating and picking their classes on-line at this event.Once students have attended their freshman orientation, they only have 7 days to pay.

(Currently NOT REQUIRED but RECOMMENDED if AVAILABLE) SAT's and ACT's: If you need to take another SAT or ACT test, this is the last date that is recommended so that colleges get your scores in time to evaluate your college application.Register for the ACT at www.actstudent.org and register for the SAT at wwwlcollegeboard.com


October 1: Begin creating your FAFSA or CA Dream Act.Seniors and their parents must first sign up for their FSA ID #.See your senior packet for web addresses and directions.

Butte Bound Seniors “Butte College Family Day” from 9:00am-12:00pDate TBA
at Butte College for parents and seniors. Prizes awarded, scholarships given, free barbecue, free tickets to that Saturdays Road Runner football game.

The counseling office has three computers for student use and they can be very helpful in aiding students at filling out their on-line applications


Cash For College Workshop: the Gridley High School Counselors host a Financial Aid Workshop known as Cash For College.This is an event that begins at 6:00p in the Gridley High School Library then transitions to our computer labs.Students and parents are provided support to walk through the filing of the FAFSA and CA Dream ACT at this event.Seniors, DO NOT begin filling out the FAFSA until October 1

March 2 (Deadline)

FAFSA and CA Dream ACT filing deadline.

Graduation Information and Commencement Exercises

Keep in mind that seniors must pass ALL of their classes in the second semester in order to participate in Commencement Exercises June 11 2021.Students must meet ALL state and board requirements to earn a high school diploma.

Seniors will receive a check out slip on Tuesday of finals week.Check out slips must be returned to the counseling office prior to commencement practice on Friday morning of the last day of school.The pink copy of the check out slip must accompany the senior to commencement practice Friday morning at 9:00a before a senior is cleared to practice and attend commencement exercises.

Valedictorian and SalutatorianGPA is calculated up to the 3rd quarter of your senior year.  Please note: Not up to second semester of your senior year. Keep working hard to earn the best grades possible and congratulations for all of your hard work. All students earning a 4.0 GPA or higher will be recognized as a Valedictorian at GHS.All seniors earning a 3.9 GPA will be recognized as a Salutatorian at GHS.