Math Tutoring Academy and Cyber High

After School Math Academy
Tutoring is available EVERY Tuesday and Thursday after school for Math and is hosted by a certificated GHS math Teacher (Mr. Braud)
Time: 3:15p-4:15p
Location: Room 203
Math Academy Contract: Students earning a C-, D or F in their math class, will be getting a math an invitation to attend mailed home to their parents. The math tutoring academy is open to anyone receiving a contract or not. Focus of tutoring will be on Integrated Math 1A, Integrated Math 1 and Integrated Math 2A skills. 
Peer Tutors have been hired to offer support in the Math Academy.
Cyber High (After School) Academy
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: 3:15p-4:15p
Location: Room 406
GHS counselors have given all students cyber high contracts with the course/s that need to be remmediated. Cyber High Contracts have been forwarded to the cyber high teacher of record. 

Gridley High School offers two ways to use Cyber High,
1. Remediation 
  • Students needing to make up classes (Remediate) can take anyone of their make up courses in the cyber high class offered after school in Mrs. Jordan's room (504)
  • In order to do make up work through Cyber High, students are called in by their high school counselor and given a contract. This contract needs to be taken home and signed by the parent/guardian and brought back to the high school counselor. 
  • GHS counselors will give the contract to the Cyber High Teacher and the student's account will be created. 
  • Once a student's account is created, they can begin their make up work. 
  • Because Cyber High is an online curriculum, students using Cyber High for remediation are not required to attend the after school session, however, students must attend to take tests. Cyber High Unit exams must be taken at GHS during the Cyber High class meeting times in front of Mrs. Jordan. 
  • Students can use Cyber High from home and track their progress
  • Make up work taken in the first semester should be completed by the Thursday of 1st semester finals.
  • Make up work taken in the second semester should be completed by May 10th or the last Thursday in the month of May.
2. Acceleration: 
Students may choose from one of the GHS approved courses in Cyber High to accelerate. Acceleration allows students to take some of their GHS graduation requirements outside of their normal 6 period school day. This allows a student more opportunity to take elective courses, Academy programs, or more advanced courses such as AP and Honors classes to build on and enrich their transcript for colleges. 

Specialized Scheduling at Gridley High School to allow students more flexibility

ONLINE Courses

Offered at GHS


On-Line courses may be added yearly, refer to your GHS course catalog for updates.

ONLINE COURSES OFFERED AT GRIDLEY HIGH SCHOOL: Have you ever wanted to take an elective course but just couldn’t fit it in your regular schedule? Gridley High School is now offering a few online courses so students can have opportunities to fit more electives in their regular schedule. 

  • Each online course listed below will meet a Gridley High School Graduation Requirement

  • Some online courses will meet a Gridley High School Graduation Requirement and A-G requirements for CSU and UC.

  • See below for a list of online courses available at Gridley High School

  • Students taking an online course must meet one day a week with the teacher of record. Meeting times are offered two days a week after school from 3:15-4:15p. Students can pick which day they attend. Students can then do the remainder of their weeks worth of work on their own from any electronic device that gets an internet connection. 

  • Courses taken in the first semester must be completed by December 15th

  • Courses taken in the second semester must be completed by May 14th

  • Courses taken in summer school must be completed by the conclusion of summer school.


Elective: Options       Science: 1 Option                            

Meets GHS Diploma Requirements       Meets GHS Diploma Requirements

  • Learning in the Information Age A *Physical Science A

  • Learning in the Information Age B *Physical Science B

  • Career Exploration A Foreign Language: 1 Option

  • You and the News B   Meets GHS Diploma Requirements

  • Meets UC/CSU A-G requirements 

  • Sociology A American Sign Language A  (First Year, Semester 1)

  • Ethnic Studies A                    American Sign Language B  (First Year, Semester 2)    American Sign Language 2 A (Second Year, Semester 1)
     American Sign Language 2 B (Second Year, Semester 2) 

Social Studies: 1 Option

Meets GHS Diploma Requirements

Meets UC/CSU A-G requirements       Fine Art: 1 Option

  • World History A                                                    Meets GHS Diploma Requirements        

  • World History B *Art History A * Art History B