Math Tutoring Academy and Cyber High

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Math Tutoring at GHS
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After School Math Academy 
Tutoring is available for Math EVERY Tuesday and Thursday after school for IM1-IM3 and is hosted by Mr. Eric Stark.
Time: 3:10p-4:30p
Location: Room 301
Math Academy Contract: Students earning a C-, D or F in their math class, will be getting a math invitation to attend tutoring mailed home to their parents. The math tutoring academy is open to anyone receiving a contract or not. Focus of tutoring will be on Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2A, Integrated Math 2 and Integrated Math 3 skills.  
Cyber High (After School) Academy
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: During Lunch
Location: Room 406,  Ms. Romo
GHS counselors have sent all students an email or a cyber high contract with the course/s that need to be remmediated. Cyber High Contracts or emails have been forwarded to the cyber high teacher of record. 
Cyber High is provided during the school day 5th and 6th periods and after school.  Cyber Higs is for remediation. 
1. Remediation 
  • Students needing to make up classes (Remediate) can take their make up courses in the cyber high class offered during the school day or in the after school program.
  • In order to do make up work through Cyber High, students are called in by their high school counselor and given a contract. This contract needs to be taken home and signed by the parent/guardian and brought back to the high school counselor. 
  • GHS counselors will give the contract to the Cyber High Teacher and the student's account will be created. 
  • Once a student's account is created, they can begin their make up work. 
  • Because Cyber High is an online curriculum, students using Cyber High for remediation are not required to attend the after school session, however, students must attend to take tests. Cyber High Unit exams must be taken at GHS during the Cyber High class meeting times in front of the Cyber HIgh teacher. 
  • To earn a credit in Cyber High, students must complete 70% of the unit work and pass all quizzes with a 65% and pass the unit exam.  Unit work and quizzes can be done at home.  Exams MUST be done with the Cyber High teacher. 
  • Students can use Cyber High from home and track their progress
  • Make up work taken in the first semester should be completed by the Thursday of 1st semester finals.
  • Make up work taken in the second semester should be completed by May 10th or the last Thursday in the month of May.