Career Technical Education Academies

Gridley High School has 6 Career Technical Educational Academies available for students to pick from.  With our flexible schedule of course offerings such as after school cyber High, students can not only prepare themselves for college by following the A-G curriculum for CSU's and UC's, but students can also ready themselves for a career by getting exposure to our Academy course offerings.  In addition, almost ALL of our Academy courses have been approved for CSU/UC A-G.
Acadmeys offer opportunities for students to specialize in a careers and earn Industry Standard Certifications
6 Academies Available at Gridley High School:
Agricultural Mechanics Academy
  1. Introduction to Ag Mechanics
  2. Intermediate Ag Mechanics
  3. Advanced Ag Mechanics
  4. Advanced Ag Mechanics and Design        
Ornamental Horticulture Academy
  1. Beginning Floral
  2.  Greenhouse Production (This is a Butte College Course)
  3. Advanced Floral    
 Animal Science Academy
  1. Introduction to Ag and Animal Science (Year 1)
  2. Introduction to Ag and Animal Science (Year 2) (This is a Butte College Course)
  3. Advanced Animal Science
"""NEW""" Agri Science Academy (Beginning 2020/2021 School Year)
  1. Ag Sustainable Biology
  2. Ag Chemistry and Soil Sciences
  3. Advanced Science Sustainable Ag (Honors course)
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Academy
  1. Audio Production
  2. Digital Video Production (This is a Butte College Course)
  3. Photography/YearBook
  4. Color Photography (This is a Butte College Course)
  5. Advanced Multi Media
Health Sciences and Medical Technology Academy
  1. Health Career Exploration
  2. Medical Terminology (This will be a Butte College Course beginning the 2020/2021 school year)
  3. Nursing Services

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