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Gridley High School Career Technical Education Academies
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Gridley High School has 5 Career Technical Educational Academies available for students to pick from. Many of our CTE courses are A-G approved or Dual Enrolled Courses with Butte College.
Students can not only prepare themselves for college by following the A-G curriculum for CSU's and UC's or getting ahead but can also earn college credits while taking a Dual Enrolled Course all while preparing for a career by getting exposure to our Academy course offerings. 
In addition, to the richness and diversity of our CTE curriculum, students will come away with industry standard certifications in each academy they participate in and in some CTE academies, our Gridley High School Students will participate in an internship within their Career focus area.  
Students can graduate with a CTE Academy color coded cord by completing 3 years in an Academy.  Academies must be taken sequentially and you must take one course each year for 3 years of high school.  
5 Academies Available at Gridley High School:
Agricultural Mechanics Academy
  1. Introduction to Ag Mechanics (Year 1) 
  2. Intermediate Ag Mechanics (Year 2) (A-G ("g") College Prep Elective)
  3. Advanced Ag Mechanics (Year 3) (A-G ("d") Lab Science)
  4. Advanced Ag Mechanics and Design (Year 3 or 4) (A-G ("f") Visual and Performing Art)
Ornamental Horticulture Academy
  1. Beginning Floral (Year 1) (A-G ("f") Visual and Performing Art)
  2. Greenhouse Production (This is a Butte College Course: EH 38)
  3. Advanced Floral (Year 2) (A-G ("g") College Prep Elective)
 Animal Science Academy
  1. Introduction to Ag and Animal Science (Year 1) (A-G ("d") Lab Science)
  2. Introduction to Ag and Animal Science (Year 2) (This is a Butte College Course: AGS 40)
  3. Advanced Animal Science (Year 3) (A-G ("d") Lab Science)
AgriScience Academy (Beginning 2020/2021 School Year)
  1. Intro to AgriScience (Year 1)  (Formerly Ag Chemistry and Soil Sciences) (A-G ("d") Lab Science)
  2. Intermediate AgriSceince (Year 2) (Formerly Ag Sustainable Biology) (A-G ("d") Lab Science)
  3. Advanced AgriScience H (Year 3) (Honors course)  (A-G ("d") Lab Science)
Health Sciences and Medical Technology Academy
  1. Health Career Exploration (Year 1)  (A-G ("g") (This is a Butte College Course: HLTH 3)
  2. Career Education and Life Choices (CLP 100)
  3. Medical Terminology (Year 2)  (This is a Butte College Course: ALH 104)
  4. Nursing Services  (Year 3) (This is a Butte College Course: ALH 6)

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