A-G College Requirements & GHS Approved Courses

A-G Subject Requirements for UC/CSU and Approved Courses For Gridley High School

NOTE: Courses listed in the ( ) and in bold are courses that Gridley High School Offer that have been approved by the UC/CSU. https://hsarticulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist If you do not see a course listed in the (), it has NOT been approved. 

  • A. Historical/Social Science – 2 years required (AP Geography & Geography -9th grade, World History -10th grade, US History & AP US History -11th grade or ½ year of US History and ½ year of Government (Govt is 12th grade ). Note: Economics is approved as a G elective course not a History/Social Science Course. 


  • B. English – 4 years required of college preparatory English in Composition and Literature (English 1- 9th grade, English 2 & English 2H 10th grade, English 3 & 3AP- 11th grade and English 4 & 4AP- 12th grade


  • C. Mathematics – 3 years required/4 years recommended (Integrated Math 1 – 9th- 10th grade, Integrated Math 2, Integrated Math 3 -9th-12th grade, Advanced Math H - 10th- 12th grade, AP Calculus & AP Statistics -11th- 12th grade) 


  • D. Laboratory Science – 2 years required/3 years recommended (Physiccal Science 9th grade, Introduction to Ag & Animal Science- 9-10th grade, Intro to AgriScience -9th-10th grade, Intermediate AgriScience- 10th-11th grade, Advanced AgriScience H- 11th-12th grade, Chemistry 10th grade, Biology-11th grade, Anatomy/Physiology, Physics 11th- 12th grade, Advanced Animal Science 11th-12th, Advanced Ag Mechanics 11th-12th)


  • E. Language Other Than English – 2 years required/3 years recommended. This must be 2 years of the same language. (Spanish 1 – 9th -11th grade, Spanish 2 – 9th-12th grade, Spanish 3 – 9th-12th grade, American Sign Language first year, and American Sign Language 2nd year-Online Cyber High 9th-12th gr)


  • F. Visual And Performing Arts – 1 year required (Band, Beginning Art, Advanced Art, Creative Art, Beginning Floral Design, Photography/Yearbook, Audio Production, Rock and Roll 101 & Advanced Ag Mechanics & Design)

  • G. College Preparatory Elective – 1 year required. This could include any academic courses in the above areas, above and beyond the required. It also includes, (Economics, Health Career Explorations, Advanced Floral, Intermediate Ag Mechanics –10th-12th grade, Graphic Design).

  • GHS is now offering 6 Dual Enrollment courses. Dual Enrollment courses are college courses not high school courses therefore they are not on the A-G list.  Dual Enrollment courses at GHS include: BC Medical Terminology, BC Nursing Services, BC Green House Production, BC Introduction to Ag and Animal Science, BC Digital Video Production, and BC Color Photography.

*In addition to meeting the A-G requirements, students planning on attending a CSU/UC may take the SAT or ACT with Writing test. Students are no longer required to take the SAT Subject tests for admittance purposes into a UC/CSU but may take it to add to their transcript.
*Students and Parents should go to the freshman admissions websites at colleges they are interested in to see if there are additional requirements for freshman admittance. This specifically pertains to CAL POLY
*Juniors who score well on the Common Core assessments, SAT/ACT and perform well in their classes at Gridley High School may be exempt from taking the EPT or ELM at the CSU level and may be eligible to waive the Math and English Placement test at the Community College Level. Students can refer to their CAASP test results to determine if they are exempt. 
*Students who complete all 15 of the A-G requirements by the end of their Junior year and who are in the top 9% of their class may be eligible to participate in the ELC (Eligibility in the Local Context) program through the Office of the President for the University of California. This program is designed to notify qualifying students early of their acceptance into a four-year UC. 
*Students must complete 11 of the 15 A-G requirements by the end of their Junior Year of high school in order to be eligible to apply to a four year college. GHS strongly encourages students to complete 15 of 15 by the end of the junior year. 
*Four year and two year colleges strongly recommend students take a math class in their senior year. 
*Letter grades of a C or Higher must be earned in the A-G courses (C-, D and F grades are not accepted)
*Students must earn a high school diploma from a WASC accredited program.