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Each year between April and May, Gridley High School Counselors go over to the feeder middle schools and hold 8th grade transition meetings. Parents and students are invited to a 1 hour and 30 min informational meeting in which counselors present information about classes, GHS graduation requirements, College requirements, sports information. and math placement information. In addition, counselors help students and their parents fill out a four year plan, pick classes for 9th grade and discuss and enroll in Career Technical Education Academies where students are interested. 
Prior to these transition meetings, 8th graders will take a math placement exam. These results along with, 8th grade teacher recommendation, state testing results, and students school grades will be used to determine an 8th graders placement into Math at GHS during the 9th grade year. 
The GHS counselors are excited and look forward to meeting and working with all of our incoming 8th graders and their parents. 
8th Grade Transition Meeting Schedule (TBD based on COVID 19)
  • Sycamore Middle School: May 2021 Location: Sycamore Middle School Library
  • Manzanita Middle School: May 2021 Location: Manzanita Middle School
NOTE: Parents will receive a letter in the mail about one week prior to the transition meeting indicating the time, date and location of their individual student's meeting.  
Course Catalogues and Registration Packets will be given to the students one week prior to the initial meetings so that students and parents can review the information prior to the counselor visits
Out of District Students: Call the GHS counseling secretary, Cristina Coats at 530-846-4791 x 6070 to make an appointment for your student to take the Math Placement exam and get scheduled into one the the 8th grade transition meeting dates. 

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